Monday, February 22, 2010

3 months after stroke

It is now 3 month since my mom suffered from stroke.  Today, she is still lying on the bed/chair without able to move the body or responding to any of us.  However, she can still move her leg and hands (only slight movement though).  I am wondering what else I can do for her.....

I sent her for Qigong session last week and another session tomorrow.  Since the western medicine can not do anything now, we have to try alternate medicine.  Any advice is welcome!!!


  1. My mom also suffered from stroke since last year June (2009).. After a week, we already confirmed she "kena" stroke.. so immediately we ask someone to massage her leg everyday.. slowly slowly she recover.. even though not fully but at least she able to walk again..

    we also do our own therapy with her while in the house lo.. like simple training...

  2. There are different kind of stroke - hemorrhagic or ischemic. My mom suffered from hemorrhagic stroke and I was told that it affected the brain stem which is very serious.

    You can try to learn “Longevitology 长生学" to help the stroke patient.